Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dragon Cando Blitzkrieg Pz II vs WTM and Popy

I have just completed loading pictures of the Blitzkrieg series to my web. Here is the link.

I also compared them to what have been released before. The interesting subject I found was around the Panzer II. Althought Popy and Takara both released a Panzer II before, all three (together with the latest Dragon offer) were different versions.

The first picture shows (from left to right) the Pz. II D/E from Popy, Pz II F from Takara and the Pz II B from Dragon. Compared these to the reference book I have, I found they were pretty accurate. The II F was more an improved version of II B so there were more similarities between these two. The superstructure of II F was simplified. The new cupola shown in the II F actually can be found in some II B after an improvement kit was released in Oct, 1940. As you can see from the picture, the II D/E actually had a different designed hull, superstructure and suspension, but the turrent remained the same as the II B.
As shown in the left picture, the Pz II D/E on top had 4 big road wheels to replace the 5 smaller wheels in B or F. The return rollers were deleted. This Pz II D/E was not a mass produced model as only 43 were produced. However, it fits perfectly to Popy which normally only released experimental tanks in its Projekt Panzer series.

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bluedonkey99 said...


to add to this I will soon (in a week or so) be showing some of the completed PRO-Hobby Resin Kits that I have been working on for 2x Panzer I and 1x Panzer II, plus some Panzer Korp PzII and 38(t). They are built and base coate painted they jsut need some fine tuning, decals and weathering

I also have the Pro-hobby Metal item they released....