Thursday, February 23, 2006

N scale Locomotives ?

I have spent some time looking for a locomotive to accompany the latest K5 and other train accessories from Draon Cando. I tried to buy one from Furuta. It claimed to be 1/130 but when I put it together with the Cando 1/144, it was smaller. So I think in fact it looked like 1/160 rather than 1/130.

I also saw many N scale offers in Europe from Roco or Liliput,...etc (like the one shown in picture). But they are very expensive - around $200+ each. I know these are running models but before I place an order, I would like to check if anyone has compared these to Cando offers? Do they match? Trains model are new to me so which company has the best offers. Does anyone know?


railwaygun said...

N Gauge stock ( 1/160 in Europe, 1/150 in UK & AJpan ) will beb rather small in scale compared to 1/144 armour.

Look at the trucks supplied with the little armoured panzer waggons to see the problem

Fleischmann and Trix and Arnold do a range of type 50, 52 locos in wartime grey, black/red, and camouflage ( 2 locos from Arnold - now discontinued)

I thinj the loco you tried to buy would do, after all it is your layout!

There are N scale models shown in my museum pages

wtmblogger said...

Are Liliput and Fleischmann 1/150 or 1/160? I think 1/150, the difference may not be noticeable but 1/160 may be too small. I found some good offers from Fleischmann around $100 but I'm not sure about the size if they fit or not.

el_basser said...

In "Size problem", I think that it can do various interpretations.

However, an important thing is a thing that only "N  gauge" has the room for the selection under the present situation when we 1/144 modelers select the locomotive.

Moreover, if it is "WW2 Deutsche Bahn", choices are automatically limited.

It will be able to be said that there is little room for the selection.

The following are the addresses of my HP.

"Animation" of "1/144 + N gauge" is delivered, and refer, please if it is good.

el_basser said...

It forgot to write my HP address.......
I am Japanese, and English cannot be spoken at all.
These sentences are produced by using "Translation software".

wtmblogger said...

el basser san
Nice to talk to you. I do from time to time visit your site and I have just added your link to my site. I don't speak Japanese as well so language is not a problem as long as we understand each other. Please feel free to stop by from time to time. Thanks.

L basserサナトリウムあなたに話しかけるのによい。私は時々あなたのサイトを訪れます。また、私は、たった今サイトへのあなたのリンクを加えました。私たちが互いに理解する限り、したがって、言語がよく問題とならないとともに、私は日本語を話しません。自由にそばに時々止まってください。ありがとう。