Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dragon Cando Blitzkrieg Series / F-Toys / (Heller/Fujimi)Dora

Cando Blitzkrieg Series
I mentioned the new Pz III or Pz IV in the Blitzkrieg Series looks better. I don't know if Dragon has really cleaned the mold or just did a better paint job. All details are more clean and visible. The picture to the left is a Pz III from original Pz III Series (left) and another one from the Blitzkrieg Series (right). You may not see the differences from the picture but you can feel the differences when you are holding the real tanks. More details will follow.

I also received couples of F-Toys planes last week. As mentioned in a response yesterday, F-Toys is now one of my favorite 1/144 manufacturers. This is just one of the pictures I took on the Sea Plane series.

Regarding the Dora, BD99 has found a link to the Fujimi web which mentioned the kit has been released on February 10. The price, yen 8400, to me, is quite reasonable. It's around 1/10 of the price of the pre-painted resin offer from Metal Troops. I think I'll take one of this un-assembled kit. The best thing is if it's released by Fujimi, I think it's much easier to get one from any on-line sellers.

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