Saturday, January 14, 2006

Doyusha - F-117A NightHawk - No More Black

Regarding my post yesterday on the F-117A from Doyusha, BD99 asked about whether these camo schemes for F-117A are real. I found it's a good question as I'm not a F-117A fan so the image in my mind is always black. However, after I had done a little research, I found most if not all these camo or painting on F-11A are authentic. Here is a link of a F-117A site which I found most interesting.

In fact, the F-117A in camo was the first F-117A produced. It was later painted in light gray before all were painted in black after U.S. Air Force had decided black suited these planes for their night missions.

However, after one F-117A was shot down in Bosnia during a day-time mission, U.S. Air Force decided to find a new camo for these planes so they can be on mission 24 hours a day as the black painting is so obvious a target in the day time. This new camo in gray is similar to that of the F-22.

I like the internet as you can always get an answer in minutes if you have anything in doubt. However, you may end up spending more money as after all the research, I think this topic is more interesting and I think I will try to get a set now.

I need to open the boxes of JGSDF and other stuffs which I received during the week now. More updates later.


bluedonkey99 said...

Thanks, well you live and learn everyday!!!

Cheers for that info, never knew that before!

Now, part two of the challange was to find out if there ever have been big flags or logo's painted upon the underneath....

If the first aprt is true, I imagine the second must be??


wtmblogger said...

The first is true if you click to that link, you can find a photo of the F-117A with the flag painted on the bottom part of the plane. However, the one with the logo is a challenge as I haven't seen one so far. If we can find out which squadron it represents, may be it will be easier. Anyway, keep on digging.

bluedonkey99 said...

Ahh, got it read the link quite interesting.

I think the logo is to do with the Lockheed Skunkworks where these planes are devised and built.

Wether it was also a promotional use of the planes or just "artistic license" by dragon who knows?

well done though on finding this info!

bluedonkey99 said...

These seem to be due for release in March 2006 as of the vendor site.