Thursday, January 19, 2006

Combat Group Dynamix (CGD) - Panzer Crews

This is the first time I bought figures from Combat Group Dynamix (CGD) as I didn't quite like what they released in the past. I think they were more suitable for wargaming but not quite suitable to build any dioramas.

The first time I saw this, I was quite impressive as it was shown in a small diorama and all the poses are pretty well done so I decided to give it a try. Please note the ad said only 50 sets would be produced so please act quickly if you want to have one.

Each pack has 2 sets of 8 poses. One set is painted in Panzer Black and the another one is painted in pea pattern camo. If you also like 1/72, you probably like those figures by Presier. I think this is similar to the one produced by Preiser in 1/72 in term of poses and quality.

I have more pictures in my home page, please feel free to check them out if you want more details. More updates tomorrow on other stuffs.


bluedonkey99 said...

I have some of these and as you say they do work well in dioramas.

I also bought some of the CGD gun crews to go with the WTM7 AT Gun's (it think incidently they were designed for such a matching)

the following is a link to pictures I posted of a simple layout to show the gun crews, link has a set of FJ & whermach gun crews in action!??

If anyone is interested in British Paratroopers then they also do an excellent set of red beret para's (saldy I have not yet taken photos).

Also, with an eye to the close future.... There is supposed to be some Axis & Allied sets containing "Generals" and "Personalities"!!! - now they shoudl be amusing and intersting pieces I expect them to sell very well!

Talking of personalities:
here is a link to my blog with regard to another set of panzer figures that are produced by ACI/Metal Troops.....

It is not sold as an item with connections to any particular tank crew, but I think you will all be able to tell how close it looks to that famous german panzer ace "MW"
judge for self....

wtmblogger said...

I saw the gunners from CGD but I didn't buy it as I thought it has the same proportion problem as other releases from them. Head is too big, legs aretoo short,...etc. I think they are still good for wargaming but I know I'm picky. I think the problem is Minfigs as I think the figures were in fact sculpted by Minfigs. Do you buy any unpainted figures from Minfigs?

I like the panzer crews from Metal Troops and hopefully both of them come up with more quality figures to the 1/144 world. I would like to have some modern US or British soldiers to accompany my M1s or Challengers.

bluedonkey99 said...

in short, you are correct.
Most CGD figures are minifigs(USA) except the new "D" range which are unique to CGD.

CGD have actually been engaged in dicussion with "the people" on the 1/144 forum - which I find refreshing attitude from a supplier!

This link is a discussion about figures:

This links is a discussion about what new products!

finally, yes lets hope ACI get into the act and I did see some prototype shots of figures alleged to be from TRUMPETER! - maybe 2006 will be the year of the infantry?