Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Militaire Modele

Hello, guys

Not much news lately. May be Japan is still in the golden week holiday after New Year. So I decided to dig something out from my folders and talked about it. The one I want to talk about today is Militaire Modele. A magzine dedicated to the 1/144 world.

From the offical web site, there are 5 publishes so far. I bought the first 3 from Amazon. (The shipping is expensive that's why I don't buy them one by one). I think the quality is good and if you're a newbie in the 1/144 world, you should get a copy as they listed what have been released so far from the World Tank Museum Series 1 to any future releases as well as any resin kits from Japan.

The last copy they released was in September 2005 so I think may be they are not selling well. To me, I think you should get a copy if you're a 1/144 collector. They will become collectors' items soon if the publisher decides to stop publishing more.


bluedonkey99 said...


The magazine has now gone out of print, I believe there were only 5 issues!

You need to go to "el-basser's" website.

He is part of the "Project 1/144" scence in Japan. His work also featured heavily in the articles in these MM magazines.

He is acting as a guardian of a MM website.

Depending on your japanese language skills you may need to run this through a translater such as the one found on google?


wtmblogger said...

I think they are still listed on Amazon Japan. Anyone interested, please be hurry.