Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year. I wish you guys (or gals) all have a wonderful 2006 and more 1/144 kits coming out from Takara and Dragon as well as any new comers.

Talking about new comer, the Picture to the left is a future release from Yujin. The picture quality is not good but I think one is a Sd Kfz 234-1, one Brummar, one Panzer I and one, which I'm most interested in, the Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen. There is another one heavy tank which I can't recognize it. If anyone has the info, please let me know. TIA.

Release date is 2006/4.


bluedonkey99 said...

Check out the following
your mystery tanks is an IJA Type 3 (I think)

also hot news on WOTL3!!

wtmblogger said...

Your picture looks a lot better. BTW. Do you mind if I add your site to my link page?

bluedonkey99 said...

No Problem

I found them on the following sites... so I cant claim any ownership...

OBAKE's Page:


wtmblogger said...

Yes, I found it later on. It's a good site in Taiwan as I read Chinese BTW. If you can read it, you will get a lot more info. There are many reseller posting comment there and you know a lot more about the market. For example, they mentioned about buying WTM in 7-eleven in open box.

bluedonkey99 said...

Alas, I can not read Chinese or Japanese or Korean! These would be very useful skills in 1/144 collecting!

The comment about WTM in open box is a very interesting development.

I understand micro armour is sold in different packaging in Japan and USA. I did not realise that WTM was also available in the same way?? Are they confused?

I know in certain European stores you can get the WTM VS colection in open pack but they are not sold as WTM (although even in the WTM version is clear as to the content)

The strange thing is that these are sold at very high prices compared to the price you can buy these items for on ebay etc..

back to the original matter, any information on 7-11 selling open boxed WTM would be most interesting.. I am suprised these have not found there way onto ebay etc for purchase?

wtmblogger said...

I think the 1/144 fan base in Asia is much bigger than in Europe or US. Obake's page has more than one thousand hit everyday if I read correctly. Once the news is leak from the web, everyone goes. From what I know, popular items such as WTM04 (has just re-released in Taiwan), the chopper or the Russian tanks in WTM06 are sold out quickly.
If someone is lucky to get extra rare items, in Asia, they will put them on Yahoo! Auction but not ebay. As you know, Yahoo! Auction is more popular in Asia than ebay and most of them don't want to ship aboard.