Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dragon Cando - more questions than answers

Yesterday, I posted "new" release of Dragon Cando consists of tanks only from previous releases. There are some questions on how these will be released. I tried to do some research thru the web but it seems not many answers.

Someone suggested may be they will be bundled or sent as a gift like the "F01" Tiger I special released for a credit card application before. I doubted it as the F01 is posted in the "Special" session in the offcial Dragon Cando site but these are listed in the regular release page. On the other hand, how special it is if you can get a Panzer III which is the same as the one released in the Panzer III series before.

One interesting point I found this release is the 38t, the Pz II and the Pz III are all from the same division - Pz. Rgt.7, 10. Pz. Div. However, the Pz IV is from the "Grossdeutschland". I tried to match these 2 together and found they fought along side under 2nd SS Panzer Division in the early Barbarossa operation. Here is a link to a page with a little piece of history. So, it means you can put all these tanks together to form a battle group which exists in the history. I think this is an interesting point for wargamers. However, I don't quite understand why Dragon don't just re-paint the Panzer IV for Pz. Rgt. 7 too.

All these are just my 5 minutes research from the web so please feel free to comment if anything doesn't make any sense.

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