Monday, January 02, 2006

I mentioned about new comers yesterday, here is another one which has just been released from a new comer - Cafereo. The pictures of these 1/144 fighters look promising. However, they are pricey too. Total 10 different types and 2 secret items Each box is 500 Yen.

Here is the link to the home page - The first series include two of each following :A-1, A-4, Su-37, F-14A and F-4. I personally like those Su-37. Comments so far from other bloggers are the quality is very good - better than Area 88.

It seems it's much easier to produce a plane than a tank as you can see we have F-Toys, Takara, Bandai, (early) Popy, Yujin, Area 88,...etc. However, now only Takara, Dragon and Konami are selling 1/144 pre-painted/pre-built armor regularly. I know there are a few resin manufacturers but they cannot be counted as mainstream players. I wish Popy can come back with something different or a giant like Bandai can give us something in the future.

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