Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Konami - Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) Vol 3

Today, I would like to talk about the JGSDF series from Konami. Konami is new in 1/144 if you compared it with Takara and Dragon. Konami only releases the vehicles from JGSDF. Although I'm not a big fan of Japan JGSDF, I found these small vehicles are interesting as you can get many different kind of vehicles or tanks from this series. You won't get another Tiger I or Panther or Bf109.

I'm not saying everything is good. For example, you always get a Type 90 and Type 74 in one set. They are not exactly the same as sometimes a bulldozer is added. Sometimes an in-fra red light is added. However, to me, you can't get excited to have the same tank again and again. On the other hand, I do understand the main market of these 1/144 kits is still Japan so I think I can accept it as the title said "JGSDF" - rather than Takara markets its "World Airplanes of the World" but what you can get are mostly Bf109. Another complaint I have on the JGSDF is the specials. They are not quite special as they normally just the same tank with a special team logo. If they can have the same tank with different camo such as winter camo, I think the collectibility is a lot higher.

Another good point about these Konami tanks is they keep trying something new to add the value of these little gems. For example, the Type 74 in JGSDF series 3 added 2 figures and some accessories. I found they add a lot of value to the kit as the little diorama is quite lively.

The OH-1 is also good as the runway base is very nice which I used it to take pictures of the Takara planes. I found the result is quite good. You can also get a sub-way station on the base from the Type 87. By the way, you can check more details in my web

In summary, I think the quality although may not be as good as Takara or Dragon but I think they are pretty close. If you like something different, don't miss them. More later.

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