Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dragon Cando - Old molds again

My first impression is - "What the ....". It seems Dragon is trying to milk us again. After using the old molds majority in the last release, the "Blitzkrieg Series". Again, here is another one by using the same molds and just re-paint or simply re-box (the Panzer III) and re-re-release again. Here is the link to the Dragon page. I have no words.


bluedonkey99 said...

I too am in mixed thoughts over this series, I will probably by a singe set for completeness but am not over the moon about the choice of tanks for this series.

The apparent redeeming feature of this sereis from friends that have already bought them is that the paint job quality does seem to be one of the best yet considering the small size of these items.

For those who bbought the armoured trains from dragon and like the qaulity of the 38(t) will now what to expect with this new series.

The 38(t) also seem to be in big demand with wargamers, the other are not selling so well...

It does however seem a bit like money for old rope!

I appreciate some people are getting a bit sick or Tigers and PAntehrs (be I think I could keep going for ever with these) but where do we go from here????

bluedonkey99 said...

Is it clear how these are to be released?

Now that I have woken up and as someone has pointed out on another site these are (a) repaints of the main Blitzkrieg series, and (b) whats with the white boxes?

Will they just be pushing these out in the existing chanell to get more people to buy the existing series, or is it a special edition like the "F01" Tiger was for the japanese Credit card?

see here (ignore the odd url- it takes you to the right place):

bluedonkey99 said...

any more news on these yet?