Friday, January 20, 2006

Takara - Wings of Luftwaffe #3

Here is a rumor from a Japan message board regarding the line up of the next "Famous Airplanes of the World" Series #3. Again, mostly are Bf109 or Fw190.

1.Bf109 E7/B
2.Bf109 E-4 Trop
3.Bf109 K-4 JG52
4.Bf109 K-4
5.Bf109 K-4 JG27
6.Fw190 D9 4/JG3
7.Fw190 D9 Stab/JG4
8.Ta154 V3
9.Ta154 A-0
10.Bf109 F-4
11.Bf109 F-4 Trop

A $1 million question: How many Bf109 and Fw190 Takara is going to produced in this "Famous Airplanes of the World" series?

I think there are tons more other planes qualified for this "Famous Airplanes of the World" title. Why Takara keeps producing FW190 and Bf109 is beyond my understanding except saving cost by using the same mold again, again and again.

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bluedonkey99 said...

*** people are so angry about this one! ***

More 109s and nore 190-D's !!!!!

What are they thinking who are they asking ????

The T-154 is great, thats it.... not even a Me163?

It was bad enough when they went from preassembled to kit for, but now more of the same old stuff....

Even if there had been one or two 109s ok, but 7 out of the 11!!!??

this is worse than their King-Tiger and Panther V obession in the WTM Series!

imagine takara or dragon producing 3 series of the same tank in row!!