Thursday, January 26, 2006

Something different & Military Railways

You may wonder what the **** is this tank? It does not exist in the real world. It's from the manga - Gundam, which is my another favorite since I came from Asia. It's also in 1/144 scale. This one shown in the picture is a future release from Bandai (the one who produces the "Wing Club" series). I have many other Gundam stuffs in 1/144 which I can show you later. Please bear with me if you're not interested in these sci-fi stuffs but hey, it does hurt just to know something new.

I saw from the other forum that someone is asking about armor locomotives. Here is a link to a Japanese friend, Toropo,s web. If you click to that link, it shows you Toropo's work on some very nice 1/144 railway works. It also includes a few short movie clips. His 1/144 trains do run nicely. Check it out.

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