Thursday, January 05, 2006

Metal Troop Creation

Today I have just placed an order on some Metal Troops Creation tanks. I know I think these are very pricey but I do buy some rare stuffs. One item I ordered is this Tiger I with interior details. I did not buy it last time and this one is for Otto Carius so I just bought one.

As I mentioned, I only buy rare items such as the AS90 which I bought a year ago before Dragon announced the one in Panzer Korp series. (However, I must admit the details still look impressive though compared to the Dragon offer.) But, I still have a hard time to understand who is going to pay 2500 yen plus S&H to buy a Schwimmwagon. You can easily buy one from WTM 08 for a couple bucks and you can get either a M8 or M20. In fact, I think many people who buy this WTM08 kit for the M8 and M20 so the value of a Schwimmwagon alone I think could be $3-$5 bucks. If anyone has ordered this set from Metal Troops, would you share with me the reason of your purchases? My major is business but I have a hard time to figure it out.

If Metal Troops has the money and time to create a mold for Schwimmwagon, why don't they do a more popular choice, such as a Hummer or just a US Jeep in WWII. I'm sure they can sell a lot more than the Schwimmwagon. I know German Armor is the main stream in the Armor Model Market but......

I also bought this Type 1500 truck. I think in the near future, you can't get this from Dragon or WTM, the only choice is resin. That's the only reason I will buy a resin kit.

Will publish more pictures once I receive them.

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