Friday, January 27, 2006

Dragon M1/M2 Twin Pack - Find the differences

Dragon has just published another picture (above) of the M1/M2 twin pack re-releases in the offical Cando website. This time has a serial #20157. Compared to what published long time ago (below), besides the serial number been changed from #20141 and a "Five Star Collectibles" on the top right hand corner of the new picture and the other is called the "value" pack, I couldn't find any differences between these tanks. May be it's like the game my 3 years old son plays, you need to find 10 differences between these 2 pictures and the winner can get a Tiger I Special "re-re-release of the Wittmann Tiger I" in Series 1 from Dragon. What is your thought?

By the way, English is my second language. This question is for any English speaking fans. Is it weird to call a M1 and a M2 packed together a "Twin" pack? I think if we pack 2 M1 with different camo and then call this 2 a twin pack, it makes sense to me. How one M1 and one M2 so lookalike enough to call a twin pack?


Anonymous said...

you are technically correct to be concerned about the use of "Twins", however...

(a) "Identical" twins, this is what most people mean when they use the word "Twins". That is to say two children who look identical, e.g. two identical looking swedish women, that is sisters of the same mother born within a medically defines time period (wait am I on the right blog!)


(b) "non-identical" twins, equally valid as twins would be brother/sister born from the same mother at the same time but do not look the same or even close, and of course you can have twins that are one boy and one girl.

From a "sales and marketing" perspective "twin pack" is acceptable, no one really expects a advertising compaign to use English properly... especially in USA. Of course it would be interesting to find out if the "twin pack" was written by the American or Chinese Sales departments of Dragon??

Technically from an English Language perspective its wrong, but people wouldnt really think twice about it.

In the context of the offer of two tanks or mailitary vehicles the assocation or commonality is sufficient that most people would just accept "Twin Pack" rather than the more accurate "Double Pack", of coure "Value pack" (which could be any number) or "2 Tanks Value Pack" is ok as this doesnt infer commonality but does infer two, althought it should read "2 Tank Value Pack" not "2 Tanks Value Pack" as the latter is grammatically incorrect.

wtmblogger said...

Thanks for your comment. I think most of Dragon's ads are written by Chinese. In Chinese, there is no difference for one tank or 10 tanks. We only use tank, such as "10 tank". I know this is kindergarten grammer but I think since we are thinking in Chinese, we always make mistake if we don't write carefully, such as writing a blog. But put it to an ad is a different thing as it represents the company's image. However, even the government problication in Asia always has mistakes now. Anyway, thanks for your comment and hopefully someone from Dragon can see it and make some corrections later on or do it carefully.

Anonymous said...

Glad you took the comments in the spirit intended, they are not meant as a criticisim.

You should see my chinese (not) !!

as you say, as a comercial company you would expect them to have publications proofread!

wtmblogger said...

Exactly. By the way, can you find any differences between these 2?